Mark Buchholtz
The Watchtowers

A collection of moody ambient/electronic/instrumental/orchestral pieces, some of which were originally composed for the soundtrack of the yet-to-be produced film "Murder in the Vineyard".

ASM 1004

Track listing:
01. Increspatura
02. The Watchtowers
03. Burning
04. Gravity
05. Thaw
06. Incident
07. Red Tea
08. Aquarium
09. Fade Out
10. Green Tea
11. Resolution

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"While my usual electronic textures and layers are predominant, some pieces feature more traditional instrumental sounds. "Burning" for example was written and produced to sound as though an orchestra had been recorded on an old Hollywood soundstage. "Increspatura"is based around accordion drones. What can I say? You have to hear it!" M.B.

Mark Buchholtz - A Ride Thru Mojave

An EP of instrumental music circa 1994-1998 from
Mark Buchholtz of Last Three Lives

ASM 1002

Track listing:
01. Currents
02. Jalopy
03. A Ride Thru Mojave
04. Whirlpool
05. Marathon


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Mark grew up in Southeastern Connecticut, beginning his career playing in various bands, including Hock Shop, Woodrose, and Southern Breeze. Moving to Los Angeles in the late 1970's, he briefly worked with ex-Yes guitarist Peter Banks before joining electronic new wave band Knifelust. (See Rhino Records' "Devotees" album and "New Wave Theater" TV show.) He then joined ex-20/20 drummer Mike Gallo in "Radiomusic", opening for Oingo-Boingo, The Motels, Phil Seymour, and U2. That group splintered, with Mark joining Grammy-nominee Toni Childs, guitarist Steve Schiff (co-writer of "Don't You Forget About Me"), Mickey Steele (future Bangles bassist) and keyboardist Richard Larsen (formerly of Berlin), plus any drummer they could find for the night, performing improvised pieces at various clubs around L.A. under the moniker "Nadia Kapiche".

He then worked with notorious producer Kim Fowley on several projects, followed by soundtracks for the short films, "Particles of Opposing Charges" and "The Perfect Cup" (shown on HBO). After a break of several years from the music business, Mark returned to composing (see the "A Ride Thru Mojave" solo EP) and writing with Carol Tatum of the "Angels of Venice".

The turn of the century found Mark moving to Sacramento where he met David Shoemaker, who coincidentally lived around the corner, creating Last Three Lives.

Write to Mark at mark@animasolis.com

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Mark Buchholtz